How do I get Wahoo jersey?

I have a Wahoo Kickr and run Zwift app on my iPad which connects to my Wahoo smart trainer over Bluetooth.

I do not see the Wahoo jersey in the garage in game and as far as I understand the code WAHOOFITNESS can only be entered when running Zwift on a PC.

How do get the jersey with my setup?

On any computer that can run Zwift press “P” and enter wahoofitness

So just run Zwift without smart trainer connected to PC?

Yep, it should work.

You might also get it by connecting the trainer using ANT+.

There are other trainers/power meters jerseys that are awarded for connecting to Zwift, but they need to be connect using ANT+ (my 4iiii comes to mind).

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Great! It worked. Just ran the app on my PC (which took forever to install) and didn’t try to connect the trainer as my PC has no Ant+ or Bluetooth.

Checked on iPad and my avatar in Zwift has Wahoo kit.

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