How do I find out what my weight was for a particular ride?

I periodically try to beat my PB on the Epic KOM, but have been puzzled recently that despite putting out slightly higher average watts than I did during my PB, my times always seem to be about 20 or 30 seconds behind. Now, this might be down to technique, i.e. perhaps I was using my power more productively during my PB attempt, but the consistent difference seems odd. 

I’m vaguely remembering that at some point in the past I put my weight up by a couple of pounds (reflecting a real-life fluctuation), and I’m thinking that this may explain the average watts / time differences. But how do I find out what my weight was set to for a particular ride, and/or the date I changed my weight?


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As far as I know Zwift, Strava nor TrainingPeaks tracks your weight in this way.

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Perhaps you drafted the whole time on your pb

Neil, you don’t say what type of trainer you have but calibration could be a factor as well