How can I delete inaccurate stats from my account

Good afternoon.

Can you please help me to delete my 1st 2 races off my zwift power as they are clearly wrong. I’m a D or low C racer def not a B.

Please can you remove the 1st 2 races for me? My wattage per kilo is definitely not above 4 lol. Its barely 2.5 since I move to direct drive trainer 2 weeks ago.

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Hi @Gretta_Beckett

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Let them know the date you got the new trainer.

You can email Zwift, this specialized team is best able to help you, and can be emailed directly at

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Hi Gerrie - August 27th :grin: Magene t300, before that Tacx Blue Twist on setting 3

You need to email that info to Zwift.

Yep I did this yesterday morning before posting here. Many thanks for your help. Hope they can delete for me :grin: