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Hi there,

I am planing on getting a (used) treadmill and cannot choose among the following:

  • Woodway 4Front (my preferred choice but expensive)
  • Technogym Run Now Excite 700 (or even Artis Unity ?)
  • Precor TRM 885
  • Life Fitness 95Ti (even though a bit too slow)
  • NordicTrack (have not found any treadmill that can do 25kph)

Generally, I want to use the treadmill for long runs (60-120 mins) as well as for intervals (which is why the treadmill should be able to do 25 kph / 16 mph).


Have you considered a self powered curved treadmill? I have the Assault Fitness AirRunner. With this type of treadmill the only limit to top speed is your legs.

It includes Bluetooth speed transmission for Zwift, if you need that, although I use Stryd.

I bought mine nearly new from a UK supplier after it had been used at a Crossfit event. At the time it was a good discount, although brand new prices have now dropped almost to the price I paid.

This is not my model, but similar style/operation. It shows the response to Sprint efforts without pushing a button…

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I do not want to do sprints. I wanna do long distance and intervals regularly…
Not sure if I know anyone who has run on a curved treadmill for more than a few minutes.

I’m not suggesting you have to sprint. The point is that the treadmill has no upper speed limit. FWIW my longest stretch on my treadmill is 1:53 (hours and minutes).

Just be aware that it’s a tougher workout than a motorised treadmill, equivalent to around 8% incline according to research, so don’t expect to match pace to a conventional treadmill.

I had a high end normal belt treadmill for zwifting. After about a year, I noticed my knees going awwww everytime they even saw the thing. So ended up swapping with a Woodway 4 front over a year ago. It’s expensive for sure. But knees super happy now :slight_smile:

There aren’t many treadmills capable of hitting 25km/h but then that’s some serious speed. Most top out at 22km/h. If you need to go over 22km/h perhaps upping the incline would be a good balance?

The woodway can do 15mph

Hi Tim,

I also have the assault air runner treadmill and Garmin 6x. Can you guide me how to get power/speed … data from treadmill. I use Garmin Pro HRM strap .


Easy. I use a Stryd footpod and a Wahoo TickR chest strap. I do not use the data from the treadmill.

The treadmill can receive and display heart rate from an ANT+ strap. As far as broadcasting data, I think it’s only Bluetooth, which means one connection at a time, so if Bluetooth is going to Zwift it can’t also go to the watch. But you’ll only get speed/distance from the treadmill, nothing else.

Stryd (with ANT+) avoids all the hassle of Bluetooth limitations and, of course, gives me power data, which the treadmill will not.

p.s. The above setup is how I use Zwift with a laptop and ANT+ dongle. If I use a tablet instead of laptop then I would need Bluetooth outputs from Stryd and the chest strap for Zwift. The ANT+ signals from Stryd and strap can still go to the watch at the same time.

I’ve also noticed that with the tablet option I cannot use power data from Stryd to move a bike on Zwift. On laptop I can use Stryd power to move a bike on Zwift, which for me is a more involving option.

Aha using Unfortunately i do not have it. I will try with Garmin HRM Pro and Garmin app power running.

Thx for your answer