His and her's cassette issue

We have just bought a new turbo trainer but have a cassette dilemma…

My bike has a 10 speed cassette but my wife’s has a 9 speed cassette. I want to buy a specifically cassette that will remain on the turbo all the time. Is it possible for us both to use the same cassette on a turbo (if so what size) or will we need to do some annoying switch for two different cassettes when we want to switch our bikes over?

Any advice welcome, thanks.

You’ll need to switch the cassette. You’ll never get smooth operation on the bike that doesn’t match the trainer csssette.

A much easier long term solution is to use matching drive trains on both bikes. Changing the cassette on the trainer isn’t difficult, but if you have to do it all the time it gets annoying fast.

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IF both of you can fit well enough on the same frame, another long-term solution is to get a trainer bike to suit both of you. The frame can be cheap; it just needs to hold you, the drivetrain, and the handlebars. We have two seat posts and two saddles. We just swap out the seat post for each rider. The seat post height for each is marked on the seat post.

It’s convenient to just swap the seat post and ride.

Indeed, Steve suggested a good idea. 9 speed bikes are older generation bikes which one can find used at a decent price. Weight does not matter. Frame material does not matter. The only downside, if something breaks, components are getting a little harder to find.

Unfortunately we are very different height sizes so frame sharing wouldn’t be an option. Upgrading her bike to a 10 speed will probably be the best long term solution, however for now it’s still a great spec’d bike without any issues or need to upgrade. Whilst it will be frowned upon and not ideal, I put my 10 speed cassette on the turbo and tried her bike out on that and to my surprise there seems to be no issues at all; no clunking, no hard gear changes or weird noises, everything seems to work perfectly. This will have to do for now until a gear set replacement is on the cards.

Appreciate all the advice given so far.

Thank you to all.