Help with logging

Hi guys I’m new to Zwift and Zwift power so after some help… I’ve been doing the get rolling races over the last three weeks and logged on to Zwift power to see where in the league I am and it’s only showing me as doing the 3rd and latest one … although I’m activity’s it shows all
Three with other activities too … any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Did you sign up to Zwiftpower after completing those races?

If so, I’m afraid it’s unlikely that they would show up.

Hi James thanks for the reply … yes signed up after all three was compleated that’s what baffled me as i thought that but it’s shown up with the last one not the other two ?

It probably does something like looking up results from the last week, but doesn’t search back as far as the activity search will.

That’s a shame :frowning: is there no way of getting it to see that far back as makes the whole league wasted for me :(.

I’ve asked, but I’m not expecting a positive answer.

You could add your times together and look through the league to see where that places you? Appreciate it isn’t ideal, but it may be the best you can do.

Yer that’s what I’ll do James I really appreciate the help and reply let me know what is said please either way :slight_smile: thanks Scott