Help how to get to same location as my wife

Need help. Just got 2 kick’s. For wife and i. She has moto z force and I have note4.
Need to buy tvs, will a smart tv run zwift. Will a smart tv replace phones. Should I buy regular tvs and get apple tv boxes. Already spent alot, money getting low

No need for TV. Use iPad and IPhone. Just get a stand for the iPad and a bracket to attach the iPhone to your bike. My hubby and I ride together all the time. We have Cycleops. You should be able to find each other at the start of a ride.

We have androids. Tried apple TV what a disaster. Returned it and got a TV that have chromecast. Now everything pairs but she’s on watopia,and I’m in ny. Our calendar s don’t match

Zwift will not run on smart TVs, you can get a HDMI adapter to connect between your phone and TV or you can just mount the on your handle bars.

I’m using AppleTV4K and a Neo, connected to a 42" TV.

AppleTV is far and away the simplest set up of all I’ve used - including iPad (Bluetooth) , MacBook (Bluetooth and Ant+) and Windows (Ant+).

Not if your using android. Wouldn’t connect last sensor.cadence or heart rate. Would connect then disconnect

How about that apple TV remote?