Help Group Rides

I need some help to improve using Zwift…
I just joined my first group ride and I could only read the messengers which were written by the one who organised the tour. I also couldn’t write messengers in the chat. I want to know how I can write and read messengers while riding.
I use the Zwift app on my iPhone to ride. I hope someone can help me!
Greetings from Germany :blush:

Hi there, ideally you’ll want another device - a phone or tablet - so that you can run the Companion app alongside the Zwift app. It needs to be on the same network as the iPhone running the Zwift app to work correctly (you may need to disable mobile data on the second phone, to prevent it dropping out) and lets you see the full chat log and reply with your own messages.

Are you on a junior account, kids accounts can’t see chat or type.

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