Heart Rate Monitor dead

I have been using a Garmin strap HRM for a few months - connected with ANT+. A bit temperamental with dropping out at times, but was usually ok if I gave it a nudge. Now it will not connect at all. Tried replacing battery, but it seems to be just dead. Any ideas on how to wake it up? Don’t really want to have to fork out for a new one.

Hi Jamie,
there are a few things you could try.
I’d start with Numbers 3 then 2 with your problem. The rest may apply if you get you HRM to start again.

  1. ensure you have a good moist chest area to enable HRM to pick up heart rate
    ( I expect you do this already)
  2. ensure you have a good quality replacement battery inside HRM.
  3. reset the HRM by putting the battery in upside for a few seconds, this discharges the unit.
  4. inspect the HRM strap as it may be faulty even though its could appear to be in good condition. ( I had to replace mine even though it looked perfect)
  5. I think I have found that differing jerseys interfere with the signal. Possibly a build up of static? You could try changing what you wear. (last resort)

If you do feel you need to replace your HRM I have found recently that the Polar OH1 (arm strap version) is really very good (bluetooth and Ant+) and if I had to buy another HRM chest strap system, I think I would try the Polar H10. (Also duel)

Hope some of the above may help you.
Sorry about the ordering of my mail. LOL. Its back to front like my mind. :woozy_face:

I had iisues with Garmin HRM straps including the Premium three contact one. Various drop outs due to some of the reasons mentioned above.

I switched to the Wahoo Tickr as it was dual ANT and Bluetooth, and in several years (and so far no new batteries) it hasn’t missed a single beat. Never washed the strap, occassionally wipe it, lick the contacts (eurggh!) not followed any care instructions and its been perfect. Even tempted to get the Tickr with memory so at the very least if any Garmin Edge or Zwift session doesn’t save I still at least have the heart rate data.

I found 2 and 3 above , along with a good strap clean, usual sorted the Garmin HRM issues, and can second the observation that different jerseys affect the issues more than others.

Thanks for that, will try all of this out. Thanks also for the advice on good replacement.