Heart Rate Monitor accuracy in Zwift?

I have a KICKR Fit arm band HRM. I’ve had it for a couple months. I rode I and used it for a month. My average rate was 145 +/- It was very consistent. After the month, I updated my user weight. I was ten (10) pounds lighter. So, I updated my weight. My average Heart rate has dropped about 7 bpm. It shouldn’t have changed, but it did. Is this a bug, feature or should it have changed? Average time for rides And average cadence Have not changed

Your weight drop should have increased your W/kg. So you now go faster for the same effort. If your riding time did not decrease then you are simply putting out less W’s. Which would explain the drop in heart rate.

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Zwift just displays the HR provided from the device, it doesn’t mess with it.

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Thank you guys

I will need to pay a little closer attention to the power