Heart rate dropping during workout

Edited I stand corrected. Tried “Just ride” again now and it behaves the same way as the workout - constantly dropping heart rate. Maybe some update is messing it up? Time to buy a chest strap. :smile: Hey

I have a strange heart rate problem that I’m hoping someone can help me with. To start with, this is my setup:

  • Tacx Neo
  • Zwift on PC
  • Zwift Companion on IPhone X
  • Heart rate via Apple Watch.
    Everything is up-to-date.

A couple of days ago I started a training plan and so far during all workouts the heart rate has been dropping to 0, and then gone back to normal. This happens several times a minute. Before the training plan I have just been riding in the Zwift world and the heart rate has been working perfectly. From what I can see the watch shows the right pulse, but the zwift companion app does not.

Has anyone seen this problem? I have absolutely no idea why a workout would affect heart rate, it’s really weird, but this is the only difference in my rides.

Would appreciate the help. :slight_smile:


Sounds odd, but you might want to start by running your Zwift workout log through Zwiftilizer.com. That will at least verify whether you are having connection problems with your devices, and how often.

Personally I find wrist HR monitors very inaccurate (Garmin Fenix 5X and AW) compared to a good chest strap (which also provides HRV and estimates VO2max).

Hi Kurt!

Thanks for the tip, I will check the log. :+1: And I agree, the whole thing sounds very odd…

You’re probably right that wrist monitors are a bit inaccurate, but since the watch have been working without issues until now, I didn’t want to buy a chest strap before at least trying to solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Is the apple watch paired through the companion app. It sounds like a wifi connection issue to me. My Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor, paired to the companion app, would drop out lots before i got a wifi signal extender located near my pain cave. Now i have occasional drop outs but usually only a few seconds and only a few times during a ride.

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Hi Aaron! Yes, the apple watch is paired through the ZC app. I will check the wifi as you suggest, even though it sounds strange that it has been working without a hitch for many weeks and then suddenly every workout have issues. Thank you for your help, keeping my fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Hi Caisa. I’ve also found that i get more drop outs the more devices are connected to the wifi. So like if someone is streaming Netflix and another is gaming while I’m zwifting then I’ll get more drop outs than if I’m home alone.

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Ok, so still having the issue, but I have managed to get it to work if I run Zwift through either IPad (Zwift game) + Iphone (ZCA) or just IPhone. No heart rate drops, other than what can be expected on a wrist watch. Still having the same problem on my laptop though.

It might be an update somewhere that is messing everything up, because more or less at the same time, the upload and saving on rides started failing on my laptop. No error messages at all, “save and exit” finished as normal and then closed the game. In ZCA I was still Zwifting, even though I was done a long time ago. The only way to stop it was to remove the workout… The same workaround as above works however, if I use IPad/Iphone, it’s all good. I’m in contact with the support on this so hopefully it will be resolved. :slight_smile:

Does anyone recognize the heart rate issue?


Hey! I use Zwift with chest strap and my HR drops here and there too.