Having a Club jersey

is there a way to create own club jersey ?
It will be easy to recognise people belongs to your team during a race, meet up etc.

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hi Wes is there a chance of a custom kit be sended to you , aprroved and charge in my account?

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There used to be a jersey previewer for the game “Pro Cycling Manager.” The templates are publicly available, and there’s a specific 2D-to-3D mapping for the 2D PNG file (OMG I read “JPEG” earlier in this thread – JPEG is terrible). It takes some skill and practice to make something in 2D which looks good in 3D (there’s local distortion due to uv mapping), and “cuts” need to be aligned to the pixel to look right, but plenty of people in that game community design custom jerseys. I wonder if Zwift has something similar. Here’s a jersey I designed for the PCM previewer. There’s flags here which aren’t part of the rendered jersey. Going from 2D to 3D does not use every pixel, and in the PCM community people tend to put flags or logos in the “scrap” space.

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What if there was a way that an entity could clearly demonstrate that there was no copyright issues with their design, and that they had a 3D modler who could create the skin for you?


There already is a moderator of club shirts in the UK, the governing body, British Cycling.

Before any club can race, the club shirt design has to be submitted for scrutiny by BC. If this is approved, it then becomes a registered design with British Cycling and only then can it be used to race. The process takes several months as often BC make adjustments and suggestions before giving their seal of approval.

Why not use only British Cycling approved designs for UK teams and I’m sure there will be the same for all other countries. This will ensure that designs are not open to slogans etc.

It would be nice if you could drop the custom jersey as a PNG in a local folder and just name it according to the club ID or something and it would just be visible for those that have it locally (all others would see a default kit) - no need for moderation/approval etc.

Of course, it would require that the rendering engine would be able to wrap the image realistically onto the model which is probably… non-trivial.


This is a good idea. The key is there need to be a number of custom jersey slots in the game with default designs. Then if you drop your design in the appropriate place, that supercedes the default design. The GUI could even support this: “add custom jersey”, “enter 3-digit jersey code”. There would need to be enough such jerseys that it’s unlikely another ride in the same world at the same time would choose that jersey. For example, 3 digits would provide 1000 possible custom jersey designs (default rendering would be to a “random” solid color with a number on it or whatever).

The challenge is to create an image template which mapped from a 2-D image to a 3-D model, such as the one used in Pro Cycling Manager which I showed previously.

Another option for club association (although slightly intrusive) is that if you would use the [clubname] notation it could directly map to a certain resource. You could make your favourite enemies look just the way you want :wink:

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It may have been mentioned before (long topic) - what about defining a jersey as a simple series of horizontal stripes, you get to select colour of each stripe (or colour and width) - no need to deal with individual logos and would at least give an opportunity to create something fairly unique. Should also be easy to render automatically as only dealing with horizontal (or additionally vertical) bands. Yes it would solve the problem well enough for many but not all, but you’re never going to appease everyone, at least Zwift would then have some form of customisation…

This is a really good idea. Zwift simply needs a parameterized jersey design, then instead of specifying jersey with a single number (full kit is a series of numbers), it would use a series of numbers for the jersey itself, along with a string (which is also a number, as far as the computer is concerned) for text. So maybe allow for a series of different highlights (horizontal stripe, vertical stripe, diagonal stripe, two-tone, whatever…), then a highlight color, a background color, a text color, and up to 8 characters of text. The whole thing would easily fit into 16 bytes if that were an issue.

More generally Zwift should be able to have the server share jersey designs and other “assets” with clients on the fly, rather than them being hard-coded into every client’s installation. There’s benefits to not having to broadcast the entire world to every client every single time, but something as limited a kit design should be easy. I really don’t need Mark Cavendish’s 2018 or whatever jersey sitting on my iPad just in case he shows up on a ride wearing it.

I don’t want a club jersey, I want a New Zealand jersey. It may be there buy I may not have earned it yet, but it would be therefore nice to know what a person has to look forward to as they unlock more things.

Hi Wes,

Just wondering when the custom design program will be up and going again?

I am the leader of both team Vikings (who has a kit) and Valhalla who is needing a custom kit.

Team Vikings and Valhalla host rides everyday bar Saturday (which we have asked to host here too) and team Valhalla now had over 260 members on zwiftpower.

Who, what and how can I get Valhalla’s team kit in game? Charlie said that the program was “on hold” in October- has this now changed?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Valhalla has 2700 on Facebook
Zwiftoff has 1000 members.
Regardless of the club jersey, groups over 500 members should be put in the “Club” to allow current club features. I understand some groups are huge and got club status early. Some communication here would go a long way.

I think Min or someone @ Zwift mentioned it due for release early this year (3rd hand info). Zwift have also mentioned its currently invite only beta - so maybe its not quite ready for general use??

A lot of jersey companies have “semi-custom” options where you pick a patttern, colors, a font, and text, but don’t specify a full design, and I don’t see why Zwift couldn’t “easily” support this concept very quickly.

It was explained some years ago … years :wink:
i guess its to complicate to make it work but it would less complicate other things. zwift or whoever else should just check if the self created jersey matches the criteria:

The potential for trademark infringement is an interesting one, or for that matter the potential for offensive designs, or unqualified riders wearing championship jerseys, etc. A semi-custom approach would reduce the issue to one of text only, but there’s already a free text chat window, so any risk from allowing arbitrary text is already present.

People play Pro Cycling Manager with custom jersey designs, but the designs are visible only to the single player – it’s not a multi-player game.

Wouldn’t this be resolved by the “local” semisolution I posted above? There is a folder on your local computer where you can drop your PNG, the rendering engine picks it up based on some association (e.g. [CLUB] in the name, if present and renders it. Zwift would not be responsible for anything the user places there obviously.

This would of course mean that only your club (or those that have the club jersey PNG in your folder) would see it but there could be external (non-Zwift-associated) where you could upload your club jersey to be included in jersey-packs to be downloaded.

How many submissions do they expect , this is just another tired barrier excuse for a failure to deliver a feature that users want . Then again its not the only one . Customising Avatars has been a feature of “games” for decades. When the technical barrier was challenged all of a suddent the political one appeared , what next ? You are allowed to customise your “name” in zwift , you dont have to submit that for approval so why would some jersey text need to be , that is arguable less visible that your name . If someone does something offensive or inappropriate it can be removed . Or in these days of AI/ML simply not allow offensives words to be used . Again a barrier? look what is in place in this forum for example ? … this .(offensive word ■■■■) . The bottom line if zwift want to do it they could , they simply dont , I put it that it is because they see a potential to monetorise it perhaps and giving it away would remove that option.

How is that progress coming along ?