Having a Club jersey

(Daren) #61

They were indeed! TJD and UKF almost merged at one point. I spoke to Jester about it, but ultimately we didn’t. Blufftrash, SPoG, Cham, Reaper, Kurgan, Yorimoto, Paz, TMAN, FaMiNe, Skewiff… No doubt many more I’ve forgotten.

Where are they now? :smiley:

Man, I miss the Quake 2 days of Savage, UKCCL, BWCTFL etc.

(Ray) #62

Blufftrash and his dad (Diabolical?) & SpoG went to UNR. Reaper got me (Cham) into Ultima Online leaving Simon Jester and Kurgen at the helm and with a shrunken roster.

Fun guys to play with, I too wonder where they all now. Maybe they’ll turn up in Zwift one day.

I get nostalgic, I searched for old screenshots and clan web pages. I did find an old TJD site which I enjoyed reading. One thing I don’t miss is 56K connection and the elusive playable ping.