Having a Club jersey

(Daren) #61

They were indeed! TJD and UKF almost merged at one point. I spoke to Jester about it, but ultimately we didn’t. Blufftrash, SPoG, Cham, Reaper, Kurgan, Yorimoto, Paz, TMAN, FaMiNe, Skewiff… No doubt many more I’ve forgotten.

Where are they now? :smiley:

Man, I miss the Quake 2 days of Savage, UKCCL, BWCTFL etc.

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(Ray) #62

Blufftrash and his dad (Diabolical?) & SpoG went to UNR. Reaper got me (Cham) into Ultima Online leaving Simon Jester and Kurgen at the helm and with a shrunken roster.

Fun guys to play with, I too wonder where they all now. Maybe they’ll turn up in Zwift one day.

I get nostalgic, I searched for old screenshots and clan web pages. I did find an old TJD site which I enjoyed reading. One thing I don’t miss is 56K connection and the elusive playable ping.

(Laurent) #63

I would love to be able to help out on the texture side of things if that’s something that’s possible!

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(Vice) #64

I agree with the general premise that there should be more avatar customization available. Seeing what other competitors are able to produce as far as what the avatars look like will hopefully push zwift to provide some more customization.

On the other hand if they gave me a choice of spending resources on new roads or more avatar customization, I would pick the roads :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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(Charles) #65

Who would pay for zwift and get the risk of being banned for creating an appropriate jersey. People are free to custom their jerseys and go ride on the streets but I don’t see any cyclist out there with ■■■■ jerseys.

(Jim) #66

When pigs can fly?

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(Johnathan) #67


I’ve heard they are around so I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

(Z Kryder) #68

over 7000 views.
that makes this a main issue doesn’t it?