Hard to find events and stages of an event series

I signed up for the Giro di Castelli stage ride. I originally saw a list of all the events for it listed on one page. Now that it has started, I cannot find the list. The events page does not allow filtering by event, so I can’t plan out when to enter each stage.

Also, when searching through the long list of events, each event only lists the time, not the date. So when doing a text search on the page to find an event, you have to page up until you reach a date header to figure out which date the event will be on.  Add the date to the description of each event as it is displayed in the list.

Hi David,

We have some upgrades planned for the calendar, but in the interim, we do try to create and maintain specific series pages for all our big event series, the Castelli Cup included in that - https://zwift.com/events/series/giro-di-castelli-cup/

On that page you’ll find ONLY the castelli events with dates/times.



Zwift Game Design

Thanks Jordan, that helps.  Now if only I knew how to navigate to that page from the Events page.  https://zwift.com/events/

There is no option to filter by series.

Until Zwift provides something you can filter events by event series on https://zwifthacks.com/app/events where you also can find links directly to the event series pages on zwift.com