Zwift Events page filters

 The time and difficulty filters on the Zwift Events page are very useful, but it still takes a lot of scrolling and reading to find an event you want to try.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Add a filter for Event Type: Race, Group Ride, Group Workout, etc.  This would be a huge help.

  2. If a filter is not practical, then use color or some other formatting to identify the type of event.

  3. Condense the web page format so there are more events per page.  An alternative would be downloadable event list in a table format(Excel?) that could then be sorted.


Agree. Even an event search would improve things. Here are some examples of things I have been looking for recently that were tough to find by scrolling:

  • Races organised by WBR

  • Events using the Alpe du Zwift courses

  • Events longer than 50 km this week