Hard fence option

hi would it be worth having a hard fence so if a rider runs into it he slows to the leaders pace no matter what w/kg over the ride prescribed pace he puts out, Instead of letting riders go through the fence with the count down as its been reported on a few of my rides that people are being removed from near the beacon

I feel the two issues are unrelated.

A rider going through the fence and being properly removed from the group after the countdown expires is the desired behavior. This is because we want to minimize the amount of forced control on how people choose to ride.

Meanwhile, riders who are erroneously removed from the group without going beyond the fence is a bug (a series of bugs actually) that we are working to fix.

Riders who are removed from the group because they are close but not quite beyond the fence have a fix at their disposal … that is stay with the leader beacon. :slight_smile:

Currently the fence visual is not 100% accurate in regards to the calculated position of the fence and depending on your Zwift client (network latency, packet loss, frame rate drops, etc.) … it can appear that you are just behind the fence when the system thinks you are just beyond it.

Users who experience this should be reminded that the goal isn’t to ride just behind the fence, the goal is to ride with the beacon.

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Hi Wez.i was just wondering if a hard fence would be a option or discussed
Did also smile at your riders close to the fence solution as I used it on my rides before