'Hang on' rides - Replace leader with derny

I like the idea of the ‘Hang on’ rides in Zwift where the pace is gradually ramped up from 2W/Kg to xW/Kg but am yet to ride an event where the leader follows this format. What you find is that the leader will say ride at 2W/Kg for the first x mins then once that’s up he’ll just race. Most people have become wise to this and use the warm up as a way of getting a head start.

I propose that there is no leader and instead a derny bike is added which sets the pace. As in the keirin, the derny can ramp the pace up every x KMs until the final 5Km where those left can ride for the win. If anyone passes the derny bike then they could automatically be shifted to the back of the pack or disqualified. This would eliminate people racing from the start.

Great idea ! I am in favor.

Now in zwift is not good. 3/4 users are ahead of the leader and reach the finish line.
Despite the leader’s orders, most do not listen to him.