Wondering if it is possible to add handicapping for the purpose of group rides. Thinking your last x rides (or time frame) are analyzed and a handicap is assigned. Maybe use assessment of FTP to come up with a handicap that would then normalize all on the ride. These would be displayed so, like with golf, there is pride and motivation to reduce. Would also be good if rider can tweak it up or down (again visible to other riders) if one wants and extra hard ride or down for a more chill recovery.

I think more that it is Handicap/Disability groups we are going to look at.
So the spread is different and it is easier to make group ride. in all categories of categories.
I have ridden alone or with one or two in many races and on trips. Where I can’t keep up. Since I am Handbiker.
I think another group distribution is the solution.
Since a handicap like in Golf would make Race unequal for those who have trained 5000 hours to win. And have one that has been riding for 10 hours. Riding with Handicap at the same pace.