Hammer trouble

I just got my Hammer in, and love it…except for one problem.  In both rides so far, about 10 minutes in on both, the hammer locks.  The power stops changing, and just stays at what ever it was at that instant.  I was able to unplug the hammer to reset everything, but on the first workout it didn’t fix the auto-resistance.  The second workout it did fix everything, but it is still a pain to hop off and unplug the unit to get it back online.  Anyone else have this issue and find a resolution?

What does your hardware setup comprise of K. (apart from the Hammer) ?

I get this from time to time with my Hammer. I’ve seen other Hammer owners report the same issue.

Make sure you’re running the latest firmware and do the occasional spindown. Both done from the free Rouvy app.

Cycleops heart monitor is the only other hardware I use.  I moved my garmin cadence and speed meters to the wifeys bike.  The bikes are a couple meters apart.  I also have a bluetooth speaker I connect with the phone.

I have similar problem with the Hammer. During a workout session the power setting is all over the place. But when I “Just Ride” the power setting is more stable. I love to do the workouts but the up and sown of the power setting is really frustrating. Anyone has the same problem?