Grouping workouts on ATV

Hi, sure I asked this before but couldn’t find my post. Is it possible or can zwift tweek some settings so when you filter a workout by time you get to see more. On ATV on the 60mins to burn it only shows 9workouts where as there are loads all hidden away in other category’s, it’s just it’s bit of chore trying to search through these whilst using the Apple remote. Or if they could make a new grouping for top rated workouts or maybe a selection of 10-20 that rotate around

I don’t use workouts to be able to help you with the answer.

However using find facility (top right hand corner) in this forum I can search for your forum items and hope link below is what you were looking for. Link provided by Gerrie allows you to search for workouts by various filters - not sure if it is what you are asking for.

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The filter helps but it’d be nice to have a big list or to be able to filter directly on zwift rather than searching on my phone before for one I like the look of

From what I have read recently, regarding events in the future - more than one hour out, I think Zwift want you to go into the Home Screen knowing what you want to do and be able to start it almost straight away.

I don’t think they want their home page becoming a search engine or filter system ( if those are the correct terms). I think they expect you to have found what you want to do elsewhere and before you log on to start your ride or workout etc.

I’m not on about events as you select them from the companion app. I’m on on about just selecting a workout to do, I don’t think you can pre select them. So have to scroll through all the lists which is awkward with the Apple remote

My solution to this is to save workouts I like or want to try as custom workouts, so it serves as basically a favorites folder. It helps a lot. Just click on the write icon and save, although I usually clean up the titles so that they are more descriptive. It’s absurd that there are no filters or sorting with so many options.

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