Group workouts please

Is there any updates regarding a refresh of the current selection of workouts for groups. It is proving to be really popular with my club! keep up the great work.

Group workouts through the club page are excellent!
I am also looking to organise Club TT events which would also be a game changer.

There hasn’t been any updates to clubs in a while, and no news about future updates. Don’t hold your breath for anything coming soon.

One of the clubs I’m in creates group ride events where everyone is asked to get on a TT bike. It works fairly well, just no enforcement of the TT bike (other than being scolded) and no TT start pen with automatic time gaps.

I was thinking of reverting to old school, stipulate peoples start times, uniformed gaps and then doing the calculations post race…not 21st century but we can but hope. I feel this facility would be really popular.