Group Rides: PRs, Stars, Points

When doing a group ride with the speed modulated by “rubber-banding”, what is the effect on PR’s?  I guess I’m below average and I set some PRs during a “banded” workout that might reflect an artificial increase in speed.

On the other hand, on the same workout, another rider suggested a sprint at the end of an interval, and as a result I didn’t get my gold star!  It was fun to watch my avatar dig a hole by pedaling furiously without speeding up, but not getting that shiny star and ruining my otherwise flawless performance (PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!) took a toll on my psychological well being.  Plus I think I might have lost out on some points?  Nobody seems to be able to quantify how points work beyond 30/mile + power-up-bonuses + nebulous other rewards.  And would it still be better for me to switch to metric, or is that fixed now?

For those of us who would normally be slower than the group speed, your PR will be artificially fast. I rode up Box Hill recently and was trying to work out why I couldn’t get close to my PR, then I realised that the PR time was set on a group workout (with “rubber-banding”).

I’d be keen to know if there’s a way of excluding rubber-band rides from PRs etc, so that my PRs remain representative of my performance.

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