Address some of the group workout frustrations

Group workouts are an interesting fad, but I can’t see them holding my interest unless some of the frustrating aspects of group workouts are fixed.

  1. It’s annoying to basically be stuck at 71/163 in the group, when I see people ahead of me doing 1/3 of my watts/kg and people behind me doing 3 times my watts/kg. It should be possible to change position within the group while still keeping the group together as a whole, especially when the group is spread out over half a kilometer of road.

  2. It’s annoying to see my speed drop to 50% of normal on an *uphill* slope because of the rubber-banding. Is this implemented as a zero-sum game? That is, if someone is getting a speed boost from the group, does it mean that someone else must be getting held back? Would it be possible to just speed up the stragglers without slowing down the stronger riders? I have to wonder how much of this is because I’m rubber-banded to the person immediately ahead and behind of me, rather than being allowed to move back and forth within the group.

I agree that it would at least be nice to _know_ the algorithm used with the group ride rubber-banding.

After the 11/31 update, things are better, but now perhaps too much clumping?