Group Rides And joining.

As i try to host some rides now a days as its fun. Its hard for people to join in to the ride, as they don’t follow you, don’t know how to find you etc… etc…

Like on my Xbox one i can join a Lobby, a Friend or a recent player.

This would be an amazing feature.


  1. host a Lobby / social ride.

  2. Add the lobby link or a code to join into that ride with all the people who want to join in.

  3. Join Open group rides for people come in new etc…


Well i just hope this will happen as it will make live better on Zwift :slight_smile:

I joined the 1/16/2016 group ride at 7:30 am pst, but could not figure out how to change my screen name to show RGR at the end. should be able to see the scheduled group ride on the list of workouts and join it and get automatically tagged as part of the ride. 

I like the idea

I’ve ridden few group rides and find it difficult to get to correct start spot and to start the ride correctly on time. Here is my general vision how it functions:

You log in and select group ride you want to join.

You are taken into regular screen and you can ride around as usual for warmup. 

1 minute before group ride start you are automatically placed on start point. Your movement is disabled even if you keep turning pedals.

At the start time your movement is ‘released’ and you start moving.