Group ride levels

(Melissa Tallent *Usmes*) #1

Hi, anyone else notice the vast chasm between a “D” and a “C” group ride? I’m on the search for a ride that will allow me to get in some good winter base miles. I feel like others must have this same issue… for me good aerobic base is 2.3- 2.5w/kg. I’ve now tried several different C and D rides hoping to have a fun ride and get in some good aerobic miles, but here’s what happens… every “C” ride I’ve joined, whether it’s a 2 hour ride or a 50 minute ride, has advertised a 2.0 - 2.5 pace, yet by the end, no matter how long, I’ve averaged 2.8 w/kg for the ride when my wattage shows at the end (which also matches my garmin) and sometimes I even get dropped and finish behind the beacon instead of with them because the groupetto he’s in speeds up to 3.0+ at the end and I’m over it by that point. I then decide maybe I need to just go D, so I look for a ride with a 2.5 max, hoping to average at least 2.2, yet every ride is the same, it’s no drop so we end up stopping at some point. I wait a few minutes, totally stopped, stressing about all the zillion errands I need to run while I’m not moving and not working out, so after a few stops I end up in a groupetto that finishes several minutes ahead of the beacon (meanwhile getting nasty grams the entire rest of the ride) and I’m at a 1.9 w/kg avg. Are there any rides that are ACTUALLY in the 2.3-2.5 range? I’ve tried at least 10 different group rides and D is consistently too slow (even if 2.5 max avg advertised) and C consistently puts in into zone 3 at 2.8-2.9 w/kg even if 2.5 is the max average advertised. Zone 3 is not where I want to be for winter base.

(Maarten Geijsberts) #2

Same here. Getting to strong for D so C should be a nice follow up. As like you, they advertise 2.0 -2.5 but most of the times they hit the 3.0 mark… I can keep up for like a half hour, but after that I have to let them go.

The only solution I can come up with is to train to get stronger. In the near future I will join some C rides. Don 't care if I get dropped. Inventualy I will keep up (I hope).

(A) #3


Welcome to the real world. What we need is something like that:

set world
set route direction clockwise (cw) / counterclockwise (ccw)
set lap, lenght or time limit
set zwifters limit x or time limit for creation (in other words if the zwifters limit is reached the ride will start same for the time counter if the coutner is done the ride will start no matter how many zwifters have signed the ride)
set workout
set w/kg pace
set if leader pace is limit yes/no (if no drafting is active)
set drafting +/- % in flat in high of x based on leader
if w/kg pace is lower x riders will jump back to group
if w/kg pace is lower x riders will leave group ride
if w/kg pace is higher x riders will leave group ride
save settings yes/no

(Melissa Tallent *Usmes*) #4

Ohhh, maybe you could work with the developers on creating an option like that! Maybe an upgrade to that meet up function that allows you to jump into a ride that works for you… one thing I didn’t mention/complain about in my post… I understand that the average may vary because of weight differences, but the top and bottom range should be able to capture that. At some point someone is going to reply to this post and try to tell me it’s because of weight…

(Melissa Tallent *Usmes*) #5

Eventually you will keep up. But if your coach has you training specific zones, group riding and staying in the prescribed zone will still be incredibly difficult if the ride descriptions continue to deviate from what the group actually does.