Letter ratings?

I am a C rider I guess. I can hang with Coco on the paced ride and outride her once I’m warmed up. I did a C ride with a group and did fine, did another and got dropped off the back towards the last quarter. Me and 3 others kept it together till the end. Humbling.

I just realized that sometimes C is rated at 2.5-3.1. Others. 2.5-3.2. I saw one that said 2.0-3.0. how is this determined? I like to ride when my say permits so I looked at a D ride. Some are 1.2-2.5 and others are 2.0-2.4. Way more variation.

Who sets these things? Also, why can’t I see my w/kg during a pace partner ride? Only during a group ride? In a PP ride, I see raw watts.

Hi @Steve_Venkman

Group rides are defined by the group leader. they can use the D cat but they can specify in the text any range. So always read the ride description. Even races can differ. But most follow the Zwift power categories.

You should be able to see your w/kg always in the rider list on the righthand side of the screen. You can also toggle the companion app to show power or w/kg by tapping on the screen.