Group creation

Good morning

Is there a way as an individual to create your own route with a robopacer rather than use the routes available?

no, but you can create a meetup on any route you would like and invite your friends, or create a club and create club rides/group workouts etc… both options also allow the “keep together” function to rubberband the group together.

Thank you Mike

Are you looking to have a pacer on your route to keep you motivated and cycling at a fairly consistent pace/effort?

If so some of the routes (generally shorter routes) allow you to set your own Holoreplay.

Thank you Ian…I have that option

I’ve heard rumours of some people creating their own robopacer bots using a different account and then riding with that account, mainly due to some of the favourite old bots and old routes no longer being around.

I suppose people will use bots how they want if they are that way inclined anyway.

I would like the ability to organize a private group ride with a robopacer. Is that possible?

It’s not.