Option to hide group rides

I’m using an old laptop for zwift, and even on the lowest settings it struggle’s.
However when a large group or a pace group goes past, the software can’t handle the jump in riders on the screen and freezes until they pass me.

Could we have an option in the graphics settings to hide pace rider groups and large event groups when the user is out on a solo ride?

Couldn’t you resolve this by creating a one-person meet-up (i.e. invite someone you know won’t attend)? That way you’d have a whole world to yourself.

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I doubt Zwift will implement your suggestion, but you do have the option of avoiding routes where Robo Pacers are operating. The easiest way would be to pick worlds where they are not present. Also if you have a slow CPU in your laptop, you should probably avoid the Makuri world entirely since it’s more demanding than all the others.


wouldn’t that only work if no one else was riding that world at the time?

No. You can elect to ride it just with the members of the meet up only.

As per below.

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ah okay, i never create meet ups so wasn’t aware.

Yeah, as above. Of course that takes away some of the “immersion” but it at least puts it in the riders control. Having the options of choosing a less-busy (non-RoboPartner / non-event World), using the Workout all-world “hack” and trying the solo Meetup should be sufficient without asking Zwift to offer a hide-groups function.