Crowd Source Robo Pacers

We have Robo Pacers. We have Holo Replays for our sprints and courses. The technology is there to allow users to create their own Pacer and select its route.

Would this make a mess of the experience? Or would it allow an emergent community of popular Robo Pacers to form on their own? Let’s say the pre-ride menu allows a user to select a route and then view which user-created Robo Pacers are already active on that route with their W/Kg paces. You find a route and pace combination that you like, or you create your own.

If a Robo Pacer is already active on the route with a pace +/- 2 W/Kg from the one desired, you default to the exiting Pacer and plop into its ride. As long as riders are actively riding with a Robo Pacer it continues (so it doesn’t just disappear when the user that created it completes a ride). If a Robo Pacer doesn’t have a rider consistently with it for, say, five minutes, it counts down a warning visible to riders nearby that it is shutting down. Maybe a nearby user can make a selection to keep it going if they want to join it.

This idea is somewhat related to my last request to change up what had become stale Robo Pacer schedule (partially addressed by switching a couple of routes in Watopia to use the new road). But it takes the hassle of organizing the rides from Zwift and lets the community take over the job. Or, you could have both!

Think about it!

Another related set of features that would be useful to bring this together would be:

  1. A way to label which route a Robo Pacer is on — this would also be useful for the current version of Robo Pacers so riders who come across one during their ride know where it’s going in case they want to join it
  2. A pop up option to join the Robo Pacer’s route when you have been riding with it for more than a minute or two, for example when the drops multiplier pace goes from 1.0 to 1.2, so that you don’t have to manually navigate to follow it; this is similar to the option to port to an active Robo Pacer mid-ride — again the technology is already there