Pause function during pace bot ride

I like riding with the pace bots around various courses on zwift .
However , being an older rider and drinking whilst riding , i need a Pit Stop every so often.
Not an issue on a solo ride, but a group event, you loose them.
On a circuit ride with the pace bots you can either wait till they do a circuit , which could be a very long time, or you could try to catch them up . Not going to happen in most cases .

Therefore , why not have a rejoin pacer bot button .

We join the pacer bot on their route when we first join anywhere on the route…so why not a rejoin button, so we can continue to ride with them after a pit stop of a short period .
We can loose the drop multiplier and get no xp.
but just move our bikes to run again with the pacer bots so we can continue the same ride.

Therefore we don’t have to leave the ride, save it to Strava and rejoin the bots again to record another ride to make up your mileage.

Yes indeed, that should be implemented.
Now I have a bottle for that, not ideal :sunglasses:

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I’ve said it before, but ideally we need to have access to the “ride with” submenu available in-game so you could select your current pacer, a different pacer or an actual riding buddy and join them at their current position with a fresh burst of pedal assist

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Then your rides will look like this: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Only if you look at the map


Agreed, I don’t think our workouts should be in the service of how the Strava map looks later. The map is less important than the workout.

I also don’t think it’s too important to have one Strava file vs two or three, to be clear. But it seems easier to have a ‘Rejoin’ button than going through the saving and restarting motions.


Keep doing that often enough and you’d never have to pedal at all :rofl:

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Do people actually look at the map of a ride? Most of the time you’re just cycling around in the sea somewhere in the world aren’t you?

Yes it looks sloppy and unfinished.

How many times do people really jump between people and PP?

Most people hardly ride for a hour at a time.

But I don’t know what bug me more having a separate ride for the warmup and the event or the lines in Strava… I think it is the lines.

No one is forcing you to do it but why stop people doing it if they want to?

I will never really understand why people care about the map from an indoor ride.


The msp from an indoor ride is inmaterial in reality.
The suggested function is to stay with the Robo Pacer ride that you wanted to ride. Im trying to get my form back so doing 2 - 2.5 hour Robo Pacer rides are needed. But being over 60, i need to have a wee break every so often. But you soon lose the RP group n you can not rejoin them.
Options are, stop, exit, rejoin = pain in the ■■■■. Or = continue ride solo = not what was required .

A simple rejoinbutyon on a 3 minute count down timer, alliws for a quick break, back on bike, press rejoinbutton n your back in tbe bunch. You cant use rejoin again for 15 minutes .

Rhis gives you a long RP ride at rhe Wattage you wanted (despite the RPs speed difference). Strava date willbe basic as its either long Z2 ride or harder effort, msp dont count as its the DATA that matters.

Pro riders stoppibg for a wee at road side dont go back to the start of the race to restart, they get a trip through the cars back to the bunch.

Thus us tge Zwift version of that.

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They ride there butt’s off to get back to the bunch.

Unless they have a car tow or a very long hand sling…but…if they had a PSUSE BUTTON

They could just instantly rejoin the peloton .:grin:

The entire peloton often stops for the pro riders to pee. PPs don’t do that.

Did not see it once in the last 10 years (I mean pro riders = TdF etc ).

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I’m starting to think I don’t hydrate enough on my rides. I’ve not once had to stop a ride to go to the washroom, that includes PRL Full, Uber Pretzel, and every other route badge in the game. Haven’t attempted vEveresting yet, and probably never will :slight_smile:

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Happens all the time. Leader’s jersey calls for nature breaks. Typically doesn’t make the race feeds because a) no one wants that on their TV and b) tends to happen earlier in a stage before things heat up, and often therefore before many people are watching (or before the live feed starts in some cases). Often they cut to the break when stuff like that happens.

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I’m with you on this one. I drink a bottle per hour indoor training and racing IRL and never have to stop. Never may be to strong I do remember a IRL ride that I had to stop .

Because you don’t have a problem, the problem is n’t valid?

You don’t like the map, so everybody doesn’t like the map?

Is the map part not strava’s problem to sort out?

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I’m afraid that’s Gerries reply to every single problem in the forums… If he doesn’t agree with you, you must be using Zwift the wrong way!

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