Ground shadows in Apple TV 4K version of Zwift

Will the ATV4K version of Zwift be incorporating ground shadows in the future?

We’ll be trying it out on AppleTV4K sometime this winter or spring.   I think we can probably make it work for that device since we don’t have battery constraints and it has extra RAM.   

Terrific.  Thanks, Jon. 

Wow! Sounds great! Do it Zwift please add these shadows on AppleTV4K! :wink:

lot of zwifters are waiting on this, shadows please

Dear Zwift,

Thank you for creating Zwift!  It’s fantastic, though it would be greatly enhanced w/shadows for all users.  


We’ve watched YouTube videos of Zwift w/shadows & they truly make for a better experience.  

Dear Zwift,
dear Jon Mayfield,

first of all thank you for your great work with Zwift! I’d like to ask if you guys have any update on this matter? Is it still in progress? Did you give up on trying to make shadows work on ATV4k?

It would really better the already awesome experience ;-). Best regards from Germany,


I’m wondering as well.  Thanks!

We need shadows ASAP. You can do it!

Dear Zwift Staff,

Myself and my wife, Kristy are also Apple TV4K Zwifters. We would also very much appreciate it if you could update us all on any developments to include shadow effects on Apple TV 4K.

Thank you very much for your time,

Any update on this? They gone quiet?