Green or gray symbol

Can someone tell me what the gray pie chart symbol means in ZP results (see example in the image, extreme right). In my case it was green this week but what does that mean? I clicked on it and nothing seemed to happen. Yet, in my next race, which went well, I did not appear at all in ZP results. I am wondering is that just coincidence or did I cause a problem by clicking on the green symbol. PS the example is not me. I was 81st of 86 riders in the race where I got the green symbol, so it wasnt for funny data

It just means your line is preselected for the power profile comparison tool. Click on someone else’s and it turns green as well, and then you can compare them under the Power Curve tab of the results page. (For some reason I seem to have to press the Watts and W/kg toggles on the Power Curve tab before the data appears there.)

Thanks Anna. Good to know.