Gravel vs Paved issues

I noticed that Zwift routes had been increasing on the gravel. I am not crazy about the gravel. The problem is when I chose the route, I did not know it was gravel after I rode the bike. It is the cyclist’s choice to have two separate programs for Zwift. Zwift Gravel and Zwift Paved or both.
If the Zwift route program shows on both, then they must display like “Difficult 1/5, 2/5, 3/5.” so Paved/Gravel need to show either percentage or numbers such as 100/0 (full paved), 80/20 (80%/20% paved/gravel). Can they add to display on every route and others? Please. Honestly, I am not a big fan of gravel. Everyone is their choice. I am sure you agree.

So when you’re totally surprised by AdZ involving a lot of climbing, are you going to be back asking for Zwift Flat and Zwift Steep. And after the Full Pringle, a request for Zwift Short and Zwift Long. Add Zwift Dirt, Zwift Urban, Zwift Country and of course all the intersections like Zwift Long Flat Gravel…

So I think separate programmes might be not really workable in any sensible way. Maybe just on the ‘Explore Route’ listing a column for surface type and a similar entry in route descriptions.

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I don’t understand why gravel is a problem for people–resistance stays the same, your experience on the bike doesn’t change. If you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t know you were on gravel :slight_smile: It’s literally just avatar speed.

That said, it’s not like not liking gravel is wrong or something. I just don’t understand it. BUT…more route details would be good in a lot of ways, and percentage of gravel could easily be included. Would also help people who specifically want to find gravel.

I don’t think there’s any chance of Zwift providing essentially two completely different worlds, one with gravel and one without. But more route info would be great.



I am trying to understand why they display "Difficult 1/5. 2/5, 3/5 … should they close their eye and pick any routes? I still do not understand.
Tom… Please think of anyone. You are speaking for yourself as you, please.

I am a cyclist, I do not go out the gravel. I am 100% paved. They are asking me why my speed is too slow and timely. How the earth, I can explain.


How did you workable "Difficult 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 on display? I am sure it is workable Paved/Gravel at any route Zwift flat, Zwift Steep, … and etc.

  • Eddie

Eddie, respectfully, please re-read my post. All I said was that I personally don’t understand the issue with gravel. But I also indicated that I don’t think anyone is wrong to have an issue with it. I was, literally, only speaking for myself. And I was saying nothing bad about anyone else. And in offering support for the idea of displaying gravel percentages, I was offering support for people like you who don’t like gravel.

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Tell them you are on a stationary bike and did not move an inch. :rofl:

Just show them your TSS and they will understand. :sunglasses:

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Unless you ride a Neo with Road Feel enabled (and aren’t in a workout). :wink:

Best stop watching the Tour in that case.

Or the classics.

Gravel is here to stay. Zwift is keeping up with the times.

But back to your original point yes i guess it would be useful to provide a breakdown of road surfaces for a given route.

Fair point. Can you switch off Road Feel mid-ride? What happens in Rouvy when a real world ride has potholes? What happens in Cade when you crash? So many questions.

@Eddie_Ionni, try our Zwift Map before you ride. When you select a route, the layers toggle provides an option for viewing surfaces. Hopefully, this will give you the insight into the amount of dirt/gravel a route has prior to riding.

zwiftmap . com/watopia/dust-in-the-wind

Hi Corbin,

Yes, I understood. I have no problem. I am trying to speak of anyone who participates in this Zwift program. (I know it is about me, but I speak for someone ). You can blame me.

When you read a quick summary of each route; for example, the Name, Distance, Elevation, Effort, and Duration. Why not add “Type of Road”? such as 100/0 Paved/Grave, 20/80 Paved/Gravel

Zwift is offered to anyone from novice to professional. Such as…
Zwift offered various names for the route
Zwift offered Distance 0 to 200 miles or many miles
Zwift offered Elevations 0 ft to 25,000 ft or many feet

Zwift offered “Effort” from 1 to 5,

Zwift offered “Duration” from 1 sec to 10 or more hours.

Now it is time for Zwift to add a new Type of Road - so novices to professionals will be acknowledged of the type of road. At any level of paved or gravel, join this program because it is their choice. They paid their subscription at their appreciation. The gravel caused reduced their speed, timely, and cadence at a piece of false information.

That is all.

[quote=“Eddie, post:12, topic:601449, username:Eddie_Ionni”]
Why not add “Type of Road”?
[/quote] - Because that was my idea copycat. :slight_smile: Yours was ‘separate Zwift programs’ and you still haven’t said sorry for that horror.

That is my problem with it really, it should get harder to pedal on it, same cadence, same gear you should go the same speed but you will have to increase the power to keep the speed up, Hills don’t just slow you down. they are harder to pedal up than flats, same should happen for gravel. IMHO

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Zwift stating the paved/gravel/dirt ratio(s, b/c even gravel and dirt roll differently) seems like a reasonable idea.

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