Graphics Profiles

 Morning all,

I’ve been using Zwift recently on a PC I have built up from old parts I had lying around the house. Unfortunately the graphics card is a ATI 5870 which will only run Zwift on the Beta driver, not the stable legacy driver due to this not meeting the OpenGL requirements. This driver is causing the PC to BSOD regularly so I’ve decided to sell it and get an Nvidia card instead.

I want to run High profile at 1080p, which is what I’m currently getting. Looking through the benchmarks on Zwiftalizer, I could go for a 570, 650, 650 ti, 670, 750 ti. Weirdly, the 660 and 660 ti run on Medium profile at 50-60 fps.

It’s quite clear that the game has set profiles for each GPU, rather than doing any sort of performance benchmark to find out the best profile the PC can handle. There are a number of cards which have significantly better benchmark scores than my 5870 which are set to the medium profile.


This leads me on to my main question: Can the profile be overridden in config files anywhere? For example, could I bump a 660 ti up to High instead of the medium it usually runs at.

If not, is there anybody at Zwift who could comment on whether there are any plans to have the graphics settings put into the in game settings menu, or an automatic configuration which runs a benchmark on your PC to determine the best settings?