Graph blocking rider names and distances

I use the graph for every race and ride. It helps me keep track of my power zones and pacing myself etc.

However, during a race when I use the graph and I need to keep an eye on the distance of the riders behind me they are often blocked by the graph.

My suggestion is this: when the graph is enabled please could you position the rider names and distances of those behind you in a difference place or change the transparency of the graph so both can be viewed.


Wouldn’t just looking at the power number with the graph hidden suffice? I find the workout mode graph to be a total waste of time as there’s no scale and is overly busy with all of the colours. I guess it would show if you’re not maintaining constant power but if you’re racing staying with the bunch is the most important thing to do and you put out as much power as required to stay with them.

For me even though I have a power meter I pace by heart rate. I know that I can’t sustain for very long if I go past 155. I then sit on 150 - 155 when doing a TT. Power is whatever it ends up being.