Gradient issue Beach Island loop

Hello whilst using a Kickr Bike on the new Beach island loop got to the 6.5km point on the map where the road branches off before the descending loop and the bike did a dive as if it suddenly hit maximum descent. Strange as the section should be a gentle climb.Very disconcerting. Looped back and it did the same thing again but the next time after that didn’t. I then tried the full route again and it did the same dive. After each time took bike a bit to sort itself.

Same. Tacx Neo2 here.
Felt it a couple times.

Had that happen yesterday on my Kickr Bike whilst noodling around BIL. Scared the crap outta me! Didn’t do it later in the day. Probably need to submit a ticket…

Very scary indeed. Especially when the section is a slight climb then it goes into a crazy dive.