Trainer drop out Beach Island loop

We use a wattbike Atom 2. On a number of completely separate occasions over the last few weeks, when different users in our household have been riding Beach Island loop just after the sprint and at the big junction. At this point the trainer disconnects. We have to unplug and restart the wattbike to regain connection and continue the ride.

I wonder if this is the same point of the route as mentioned in Gradient issue Beach Island loop ?

If so, there’s clearly something very strange going on there.

If it’s different, then your own experience sounds rather odd too!

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Had that happen yesterday on my Kickr Bike whilst noodling around BIL. Scared the crap outta me! Didn’t do it later in the day. Probably need to submit a ticket…

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I’ve had this issue multiple times, but still only a fraction of the total times I’ve ridden this stretch. It’s not limited to Beach Island Loop, as I’ve had it happen when riding other routes, or just free-riding, but it’s always the same spot when it happens. Only for a second, or so, but always disconcerting.

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I also confirm these issues. Connection errors occur in junction areas and I haven’t noticed any particular route that is worse than others. It can occur on any route (at least on Watopia). I lose power and cadence data for about 2-5 seconds and after the connection has been restored, it’s always rock solid until the next road junction.

It’s especially annoying, when I’m following a training plan and in the middle of an effort, the connection breaks. To alleviate these problems I try to choose a route that has minimal amount of junctions.

I’m on PC (Linux) and Companion app (Android). Although Linux is not supported, I still think that installing Windows would not make a difference, since other people are having the same issue.

PC is connected via LAN and my Galaxy S10 is via Wifi (router in the same room 2 meters away).
I’ve tried changing between Tacx Neo 2 and Stages power meter as the source, but it does not make a difference.