Graber Mag Trainer

It the Graber Mag Trainer compatible with Swift? I can’t find it in the list of classic trainer. I am not sure where to go when setting it up? 

Good evening, It does not look like your trainer is currently supported. 

See below a list of supported trainers.


See this article and use a Not Listed Trainer:



The interesting is that I was able to fine a power curve for your trainer.

What I would try is to find a supported trainer with a power curve that is equivalent to your trainer and Use that. That way you can try Zwift and if you like it upgrade to a supported trainer. 

Graber owns Cycleops and the resistance unit for the graber and cycleops mag (as currently sold in 2018) appear to be the exact same unit, only the frames are different.  I’ve owned a few grabers and it will spin out of resistance at around 400 watts.   So, the unsupported limit would be about right as well.  I’d just select the cycleops mag, because it really is the same trainer.