Google Pixel Fold: First Page of start screen, that's it

Zwift is not letting me swipe to the other screens so I am not able to start the game with my Google Pixel fold, independently which display I use. So I am not able to use the app anymore. The screens are running automatically after some minutes but then freezes again.


Hi @Heike_5966 welcome to Zwift forums.

Thank you for bringing this issue on Pixel Fold to our attention. I’ve created a ticket to investigate.

Have you tried swiping from the very right, just from the edge of the screen and continuously to the leftmost edge of the screen?
It need a huge swipe to turn the page.

Yes, I did. The screen will then only move very slow and at the left side when just a bit is missin it kind a gets hard to continue swiping which leads to the fact that the screen jumps back to the right.

This is the same issue that has existed for a long time so possibly isn’t exclusive to your phone. My Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 does the same.

I tend to use both hands, as the tile slides you get so far and then need a second hand to place it to where you’ve dragged it to in order to stop it siding back to the right.

Hard to explain and it takes practise and perseverance but eventually you should be able to do it.

We were able to reproduce this bug on our Pixel Fold as well as Samsung Z Fold4. It’s on our to-do list.

Here are workarounds you might use in the meantime:

The screens advance as expected when:

  • Using the large unfolded screen, swipe left to right (reverse of what’s expected).
  • Using the Front screen of the device, swipes work as expected.
  • Tapping on the 3 dots also advances the UI.
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Thank you!