Going Coastal

Am I the only one who finds this route name to be in poor taste?

It took me a beat to figure out what I think you mean here. FWIW, it’s a legit phrase that has to do with going to the beach, beaches, coastlines, etc. If you google the term, you’ll find an ocean-centric nonprofit, seafood restaurants, marinas, etc., all using the phrase.

There was a post about this about a week ago where someone else questioned the naming but the whole thread seemed to get deleted pretty quickly.

…and it looks like most, if not all, uses of the phrase are from the 90’s or newer, which suggests that they are a play on “Going Postal.”

FWIW, I asked ChatGPT what the origin of “Going Coastal” was, and it said…

As of my last update in January 2022, “going coastal” is not a widely recognized or standard phrase in the English language with a specific, commonly accepted meaning or origin. The term “going postal” is more familiar and refers to becoming extremely angry or deranged, often in a violent way, and it originated from a series of incidents in the 1980s and 1990s where United States Postal Service workers carried out workplace shootings.

Mass shootings are such a hoot!

I trust ShatGPT about as far as I trust any sociopathic habitual liar. Maybe once it stops manufacturing ‘facts’ out of whole cloth I’ll change my opinion of it :slight_smile:

It could be that the coastal phrase is an intentional alteration of the postal phrase. It could also be that there is no connection between them. The way I’m seeing it used, it bears no resemblance or apparent connection in meaning to the postal term. It’s on aprons you can buy on Etsy.


In my mind it means using a route round the coast rather than inland, as in I’m going on a coastal tour

Thoughts and prayers! :pray:

Not this again,… people need to find better things to complain about


Is it even possible to not offend someone these days?


No. I started a similar thread a couple of weeks ago and it was deleted.

Never even gave it a thought, now I’ve read this thread I won’t give it another thought.

People need to stop reading into everything that’s said and written, Woke world gone mad!



Some things are actual concerns, and sometimes we don’t want stuff that ‘seems harmless’ to fly under the radar. When I see ‘woke world gone mad!’ I read ‘I’m a super privileged person who can’t take the time to see the world from someone else’s perspective and I think everything is fine because it’s fine for ME!’

If you don’t agree that this route name is a problem (I don’t agree, don’t think it’s a problem) then discuss it like an adult or move on. Stop accusing people of ‘wokeness’ like it’s so cool to not give a **** about the world. Generations of progress have been opposed by people whining how ‘other people are too sensitive waaaaaah’.


The IRL MTB trails near me here on the North Shore have way more suggestive names, “Severed D***”, “C*** Buster”, “Thrill Me Kill Me”, “B****** Brew”, “Executioner”, “Roach Hit”, etc…

So maybe I’ve become desensitized to trail names. Going Coastal seems pretty tame to me :slight_smile:


See, some of those just scream ‘bro’ to me, make me wonder what the women riding the trails think about it. :slight_smile: ‘Bikes=male’ is a bigger problem to me.

If one of the nasty trails was called ‘School Shooter’, would that be a problem? That’s what OP is getting at, I think. I don’t see Going Coastal has having that same connection, but it’s not an unreasonable issue to raise.

Oh yeah for sure. The names are from a long time ago, newer trials have more reasonable names. People usually call them C-Buster, and Severred-D etc. But you can also look at ski hill trails that are double black and you’ll see a lot of dark themes, death, destruction, etc… Like the one black ski trail at my hometown’s local ski hill is called “Suicide” for instance. But that’s just an example. Just trying to provide some context as to how I wouldn’t blink at something called Going Coastal.

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If we want a trail name that will frighten tons of people these days, call it Critical Race Theory or Book About POC or something equally terrifying :smiley:

You accuse me of being super privileged and not giving a damn and then tell me to discuss it like an adult?!! Are you listening to yourself?

You know nothing about me, as I know nothing about you.

I know you’re someone who is sensitive enough to complain about ‘wokeness’.

Again… Are you even listening to yourself?

Yes I am. I’m saying it’s reasonable for people to be concerned about a great many things in this world. But ‘being upset about the fact that people are concerned about things’ is childish. Acting like it’s somehow harming you for someone to be concerned about a possibly troubling phrase, that’s childish.

I have never, ever read someone complaining about ‘wokeness’ where the message wasn’t actually “Shut up, everything is perfectly fine how it is.”