Coastal Road Expansion Idea

Here’s an idea that could be implemented eventually (just an idea) but what if we had a route (maybe included in part of when/if the coast gets expanded) with a new surface type: colored glass pebbles (similar to the cobbled roads already existing but slightly different). I got this idea from a beach that exists in California and thought it would be cool but instead of just riding along the coastline around the Alpe with sand (like Makuri which we have), we could try something different. Maybe you could add some northern lights in the sky at night so that could be a cool ride when the world is nighttime. (Or maybe it could use the perma-night feature found in Neokyo for the segment!) Just thought it would be a cool and different coastal route than what we already have.
Also, just like how we have The Grade up to the Epic KOM linking it to the coastal road, we could eventually have a backside to the Alpe on the west side of Watopia. Was also thinking the end of the coast expansion would probably end going through some crystal cave or mine and coming out of the mountainside at the blocked off road when descending to the jungle.

For picture just look up: Glass Pebble Beach, because I can’t do links for some reason.