Give us FPS control

On a macbook the ‘on mains power’ and ‘on battery power’ profile are very different usage wise and thats mainly down to the shocking way that zwift tries to maximise every nano of CPU power under Apples poor hardware (onboard GPU, bad for rendering yada yada). This results in a macbook getting ridiculously hot when using Zwift, and a macbook shouldn’t be overclocked for longer periods of time at 120%, which is what Zwift does.
Use the max save battery profile, FPS is limited to 15fps and CPU is pinned under 50%. This makes Mr Macbook a lot happier and doesnt start ‘Angry Fanning’.
The problem is the macbook battery only lasts a max of 90min and then you have to plug it in.
And when running an external monitor you cant shut the laptop and run the external monitor like you can if you plug in the mains power.

Can you give use the feature to either use the profiles selected in the game when running mains power or give us a way to control the FPS when on mains power. On mains power i dont want to try and run every last frame i can to an inch of my macbooks life! 15fps is just fine for training and general riding about.

Zwift is smashing up my $1500 macbook and isnt shy about it!

Can you do this quickly please.

Yours Hopefully.