Give a race order in real time

(Howard Neale WBR (B)) #1

How about giving your position in a race in real time. So for instance if you are 3rd or 10th or whatever, you position is indicated eg 3/50 (3rd out of 50 riders).Also give an indication of your position in the Watt/Kg group your are riding (A/B/C/D/W). Make it something you can toggle on or off, and the ability to have both, wither or none on your display whilst taking part in a race/event.

(Zac Rogers [TFC]) #2

Already happens, go onĀ for the results.

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #3

With the races getting bigger I am finding I do not know where I am in the event I am racing. Sure I can see the riders nearby, but I do not know my position in the race. I had a bad start and caught other riders last night but I did not know if I was 50th or 10th. Now with only one screen Zwiftpower is not an option.

(Artemas Coburn EVR) #4

i never see the race i did in zwift power. What am I doing wrong?