Giro TT in Android?

Is the Giro TT available in Android?

I try to join event after getting the pop-up, but it stays in the current world. It seems that other people are the same problem.

Just wondering if anyone has been successful in Android. If not available for Android, are there any plans to make it available?

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I don’t know if it is available. check to see if you are on the latest version of Zwift.

It is available, I rode it using my tablet on Saturday afternoon, the app updated earlier during the day.

I didn’t get the results screen at the top though, nor the unlocks. So there seems to be a few issues with the new course. (I rode it again using my PC, with no issues)

Thanks for the info. Updating it worked and let me go to the TT (had to manually update it since I’m using Nvidia Shield, but apkpure works great for updating)

I can’t get in. I joined but it stays in watopia! Very frustrating.

Have you updated to 1.0.36381 that came out on the 12th?

yes. I had to force quit the app twice before it finally worked. I missed my TT time and had to join the next and wait 25 min. it’s definitely not smooth.