Get rid of power ups and more stats

You should consider at least having a section with no power ups. Those take away from the training aspect of the program.

It would be nice to see a overhead map that shows where you are on the course in relation to your best time. or a “Ghost” rider that rides your best lap with you.

An overhead map showing where everyone is would be nice, the current map is hard to decipher.

I agree with having a ghost rider of your previous rides to help gauge your rides

Those items actually aren’t “powerups.” Your power reading won’t be manipulated so they son’t affect your training. IMO they are possible in real business. You can wear aero helmet along with aero onepiece, and TT bikes. Some pro riders rode road bikes on the mountain section and quickly switches his bike then rode TT bike on flat sections.

I agree.  Make power ups optional on courses.  Also made power meters required on some (optional again).  I get the game aspect.  It has a function.  However, I also see an opportunity lost in undermining truer competition, when desired, by limiting to real power (which isn’t perfect, but is still better) and no gimmicks/games.

Great work.