Make giving out "Power-Ups" a selectable option in the rider's settings

Power-ups can be useful, innovative and fun to play with during the rides, but there are many times where power-ups can be a distraction and the button on the screen can be accidentally hit, triggering a power-up where one was not meant (eg; during a race event). 

Also, for riders who are very meticulous about their data and performance, using power-ups can artificially change the values needed to adjust training routines correctly (faster finish times, but not matching reality). 

Please consider making the power-ups a selectable option in the user preferences, so they can be disabled for that session. This way if someone never wants to use power-ups, they can disable them in their preferences entirely. 


Not ideal but if you ride a TT bike you have no power-ups but a then have other side effects (no drafting, etc).