Feature requests

1 - Get the physics engine as realistic as possible (cda based on rider weight and other rider measurements, uphill, downhill speeds calculated properly etc),
2 - Further develop cool bike and clothing upgrades as you up your mileage, gain points, score KOMs, sprint wins and fastest laps etc.
3 - Focus developent on race features. Accurate timing to the 100th of a second, enabling proper mass starts, registration, full playback of races etc.
4 - Get rid of powerups altogether. They skew results and many find them distracting.
5 - Ability to stop on the course without pausing / going to the other menu/config/summary screen. If you want to stop and wait for someone etc you should be able to do so on course.
6 - Have people with simulated power meters go one direction on course and those with real PMs go the other way