Ideas and suggestion.

  1. Make it Free and Paid service. Free by putting Billboard/Advertisement. Paid by not showing Billboard. Study the effect of seeing a billboard while suffering :slight_smile:
  2. A filter to ride by Age, by weight, by FTP, by device (ex ride with power meter only or with speed meter/virtual power meter), etc.
  3. An option to disable bot.
  4. A scheduled Event, Race, Fondo etc.
  5. A Printscreen button in Iphone App.
  6. A Social Share Button in Iphone App.
  7. Put an effect of drafting in power. ex. Hold the speed 30% less power than the one you are drafting with. %power reduction depends on speed.
  8. A cam that rotate around character.
  9. Instant Race match with filter. -> find a match 5 to 10 person -> start at the same time.
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1.It would be good to be able to have a pacer set to the watt level you want.
2. It would be good if you could have your h/r or power level on your riders back. This would make it easy to keep to whatever your workout is on that day.
3. Maybe more options on the top left info box with the option of ave. power, speed etc.
4.Possibly an option to have a segment button or lap button that allows you to see your current figures during the interval. Similar to the lap button on Garmin Edges.

The guys are doing a great job already and I look forward to future developments.