Features I'd like to see

display avg watts, avg HR, avg cadence, avg speed

ability to display leaderboards on demand (keyboard shortcut)

structured workouts

more courses

more daylight, ability to choose daylight only

some sort of warm up course

alternative to 6, ability to start/stop session time on demand

alternative to 7, ability to choose which laps to “count” for workout/Strava


All great ideas !!!

I ride on rollers, so my hands aren’t super free. I’d really like:


  1. voice activated call outs. How hard could it be to program voice activation for a dozen words? Could be user programed, like voice dial on cell phones ten years ago. I’d like to be able to call out the ‘‘ride on’’, and ‘‘wave’’ etc, as I struggle to do that when on rollers.


  1. Please add fans, camper vans and writing on the road to make a ‘Dutch Corner’ on a climb. And what about calls of ‘allez allez allez’


  1. Let me set to use the boosts automatically. Maybe have the option to a) use as soon as you earn, or b) use when entering the next segment. I don’t have an iPhone bar mount, so have to reach to the side whilst pedaling on rollers to push the button on my phone.


  1. I really struggle to hold wheels. I approach someone at say 280W, and ease off to 200W when I get to them, but still fly by them. I’m happy to give up some of my speed if I could have ‘‘auto wheel hold’’.

All in all though, loving it, and using it more and more each week … and it’s summer here, so it’s not even like I’m hiding from the rain or anything.