Courses and other ramblings....

I have now logged 1,000km on the Island and ridden in both directions.

I know that workouts and other features are on the horizon as will other courses.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

A flat or flattish course of a length that is a multiple of 5 km. It could be used as power tester, individual or even team time trial course. Want to do a short one? 1 lap. Want to go long ? 10 laps. Are you animal? you pick it!

A course with a mountain climb. It doesn’t have to be Alpe d’Huez. Something with some scenery, a longish section of about 5-6%, some grunts of 8-10% or more ( but not inhuman ) with some switchbacks. Make the climb at least 10 k Not sure if you’d want to have it a lap as the descent would be boring.

A Belgian classic with pave, short brutal climbs, wind, mud and rain! That way we don’t have to get cold, wet and filthy and can imagine we are with the “hard men”!


The ones on the Island are good enough for me. I can see all the stats I need - power, HR, cadence, speed. I can also see the % grade and whose around me. That is great for group rides so you can look for help if you get dropped, see who’s ahead of you, etc…

Cameras are great.

A bit tough to communicate when hammering as I don’t want to look at the keyboard and type. I know some users have set up “race radios” but that is a bit beyond me.

If you have group rides, how about motorcycle out there with digital chalkboard showing times to the leader, next group up or behind the road.

Overall, I am a happy camper! I’ve never had so much fun on an indoor trainer. I’ve also acquired a lot of contacts through Strava. I’ve done a few group rides and they are great. Particularly when I’ve been with comparable riders and we aren’t looking for jerseys. As close as I’ve been to a club ride indoors without having to haul my bike, trainer and computer to some bike shop or gym. I just don’t get to see the sweat and faces of pain!

agree 100% very good points and ideas, I would think it great if they were able to insert some form of communication with a headset and mike, I am not a video gamer, but I have seen that this is possible in some multiplayer games.You could set it up so that you could have a group you communicate with or maybe you can communicate when you are within a certain proximity to another player.

An addition:

The mountain course should have 10k or longer warm-up section of flats and rollers.

agree with warmup flat, also because this is virtual reality and not reality it could be a flat then a climb then flat then climb, and on… could it not?

I’d like a course with a sawtooth profile with the teeth being variable in size for doing “hill-reps” on.

I would love to see some courses that corresponded to The Sufferfest videos / their equivalents on TrainerRoad … especially in terms of nasty intervals.

I would love to be able to import a route from Strava and allow Zwift to mimic the profile of the ride… That would be just incredible.

Absolutely agree to these Ideas. Actually I searched the Island AND the support for such features…